Welcome to Open Jar!

Welcome to Open Jar!

What is Open Jar!

Open Jar! is a safe and open platform for group discussion between diverse women of color. Here is where we all come together to release energy and embrace positivity by letting out thoughts and feelings on relevant topics of today such as work inequality, racism, sexism, advancement, entrepreneurship, beauty, hair and so much more. It’s a time to love up on your sisters and offer encouragement as well as your perspective on various subjects.

What Happens During Group Discussion?

Open Jar! is exactly what the name states for here is where we sit in a circle and take turns pulling subjects out of an open jar filled with various pre-written discussion topics. We all freely engage on the selected topics for about 5 minutes until moving on to the next subject. We also keep timing open for subjects that are on the hearts of our guests to discuss.

The format is open and welcoming! This allows those who are shy to warm up to the group and here others perspectives. It also allows us all to learn how to communicate our thoughts and feelings with people we do not know and become more comfortable with being vocal. We found it to be a great confidence booster!

At the end of the discussion, we open up the platform for attendees to network and connect with one another in order to foster new relationships with new friends!

Want to attend our next Open Jar!?

Join us at our upcoming Sip & Henna - Goddess Event where other like-minded Bohemians, Fashionista's, Digital Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Professional Women gather to shop, enjoy wine, henna, and engage in Open Jar! group discussions. See below for our next upcoming event below!



Wednesday, March 14th
7PM – 9PM
Live Music by DJ O'Shun
Our Signature Drink - Vermouth {with a variety of Red/White wine}
Custom Henna by Henna Sooq {$15+}
  “Open Jar” engagement group topics
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Click Here To Purchase Tickets:
Sip & Henna Event Tickets
Ticket price {$10}.
See You Wednesday!

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