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Sun Gods Presents - Bohemians That Brunch!

Sun Gods Presents - Bohemians That Brunch! 0



Want to be invited?

Email: and include your contact information (with social media handle) along with a short write up to what attracted you to the Sun Gods lifestyle website.

We will select 5 women to receive a complimentary ticket to our event.


Welcome to Open Jar!

Welcome to Open Jar! 0

A safe and open platform for group discussion between diverse women of color. Here is where we all come together to release energy and embrace positivity by letting out thoughts and feelings on relevant topics of today such as work inequality, racism, sexism, advancement, entrepreneurship, beauty, hair and so much more. It’s a time to love up on your sisters and offer encouragement as well as your perspective on various subjects. READ MORE...

Black Panther - Uniting the African Disapora

Black Panther - Uniting the African Disapora 0

We don't know if you guys caught the wave but the African Diaspora is uniting day by day and we love it. The energy that is being transferred from country to country is saying we are alive and well and intend to celebrate our diversity and no longer hide... READ MORE!
What Is Your Economic Wealth?

What Is Your Economic Wealth? 0

If you’re going to strive to win you have to know the rules. You know... the real rules. So here is how it goes: Economics + Politics + Courts/Police + Media + Voting...
Welcome to Sun Gods

Welcome to Sun Gods 0

Welcome to Sun Gods - a community that promotes {unity}, {self-love} through fashion and entrepreneurship. We look forward to this journey and we're ready for the experience this will give us all, for this is so much more than just about fashion... This is a lifestyle.