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We're on Clubhouse!

We're on Clubhouse! 0

We love that we have a new platform to connect with those who follow our journey. Our Founder, LaShawn Kenley, will host various...
Sun Gods Presents: Goddess Talk

Sun Gods Presents: Goddess Talk 0

We are so excited to begin a new journey with our newest women's engagement series “Goddess Talk”!

Here our Founder, LaShawn Kenley, will interview/highlight various Goddesses within our community on...

NEW SG Face Masks!

NEW SG Face Masks! 0

Come check out our newest prints masks that speak to all sides of our diverse cultures!
What is #BBOJune?

What is #BBOJune? 0

Looking for BBOJune posts or want to know more about what BBOJune is?


Aligned & Lifted w/ Elle

Aligned & Lifted w/ Elle 0

Join the majestic Personal Care Therapist Elle as she shares with you on how to balance our energy, cleanse our spirit as well as enjoy...
Coming Up Next!

Coming Up Next! 0

What's up next at Sun Gods? Come check out new wellness segments, fitness IG Lives and an awesome NEW community initiative you definitely will want to be a part of!