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The past few weeks have been beautiful as we revealed our new name and logo! 


We also began interacting with you all on our *NEW* social media platforms under our rebranded name... People of the Son! We are so excited that you all feel connected to the name. We realize many of you already had an idea what the name would transition to do to you picking up on several hints we dropped last month... (we knew you were tribe)!


Currently we are journeying into Stage 2 of our rebranding process which is revamping our website! Just a few new tweaks here and there nothing too major. This should take about two or so weeks to complete and then we can move forward with our in person community events again... Woohoo!!



We figured there may be lingering questions on your minds regarding what's next for purchasing apparel and seeing new collections as well as next steps with the brand as a whole. No worries... we're answering all potential questions below!


What does People of the Son mean?

People of the Son is a name that exudes exactly who we are... People of God!

We are people connected to the source and guided by our faith. Our excellence, resilience, beauty, majestic nature and style all comes from what connects us (which is our Heavenly Father). We've always been led by our faith... our designs are what they've come to be do to our connection to our culture and spirituality! As humans we are spiritual beings inside of a physical body. We can't separate the two which is why in our business there has never been a separation... hence us being a lifestyle AND womens apparel business.  This is what makes our designs and story exactly what it is... unique, exclusive and forever beautiful!


Where is the social media page?

FOLLOW US! Instagram - People of the Son Online 

Our Sun Gods Instagram and Facebook pages were having many issues and glitches over the past year or so. Our business platform made it hard to connect with the 7,000 people who followed us there so we made the decision to move forward and create a whole new page where we can start fresh and have no marketing glitches or hinderance to show our designs and sell on the platform! This all flows right on time with us rebranding!

Give us a follow... we are joining TikTok as well in July!


When will the apparel/collections resume?

Good News!!

We have resumed custom orders of our apparel (June 1st). All designs on our website that you may need tailored to your specific size or made to order can now proceed. If you are seeking a customized outfit for a special occasion where you would like to collaborate with us on a design, you can email us at: We look forward to creating magic with you!



We are launching our next collection in the Fall/Winter - (end of September)! We are looking to drop a few branded apparel pieces for casual wear this Summer (so look out for updates on that - t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, leggings).

People of the Son is still a slow fashion sustainable brand where we focus on quality statement designs that are timeless versus pouring out collections just for the sake of designing clothing. Our mission to encourage all consumers to understand the importance of conscious consumption over meaningless mass consumption is forever at the forefront of our mind. It directly determines our production, ensuring we're mindful of the resources used to create our apparel which considers our land, bodies of water and all human labor.


When will gatherings/events return?

JUNE resumes our womens gatherings and events. Our first People of the Son event will be a NEW series called Break | Bread!

Here is where we join together under an exclusive dining experience where we experience diverse cuisines within the Black and Brown diaspora while connecting with one another on various topics pre-selected for the night to spark genuine conversations and connection within our community of women. We also will offer the opportunity to shop selected designs from our store as well so stay connected to our social media or blog for upcoming dates & locations for this event!

NOTE: All branding will be changed by the end of this month where you won't see the Sun Gods name any longer. June will be the month where all branding will be completed (name/logo/website/marketing collateral) and the People of the Son will continue our evolution into new paths for our brand!


Have Questions? Email us at:! We look forward to assisting you!


Much Love Tribe!

LaShawn Kenley

Founder | Lead Designer

People of the Son


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