What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

There's so much power in words...


The Proverb "life and death is in the power of the tongue" has been reigning more prevalent than ever. As I take on rebranding the company with a new name and logo, I've come to have a deep appreciation for etymology (the origins of a word and its ancient meanings). When we recognize why things are named the way they are, where the name extends from and what that meaning means to us you become very aware of the power of a name.

Our business name used to be Sun Gods but had to be changed once discovering the ancient and very much so alive origins/spiritual meaning behind the name. A Sun God is a deity to many people of today who worships the Sun. This deity is also known as Ra in ancient Egpyt. It's popular in countries such as Peru, Mexico, pagan cultures and various other backgrounds. Words breathes life into things and names live out and live on to what they are attached to. As a small business owner, I'm very connected to my spirituality and intentional regarding my beliefs and the foundation this company stands on. I'm a true believer in Christ and I recently came across the need to ensure that is very clear so that there's no mistake in spiritually driven womens gatherings/events and designs on our apparel.  I love the community we have built and the diversity within us all and want to ensure everything aligns properly with my core beliefs and the structure/direction of the company. 


This change in company and logo has birthed a REBRAND! We have taken the months of March and April to create new merchandise under the company name as well as  gear up to release our new business name which will sound very familiar to tribe who has been shopping us and tuned into our newsletters!  Such an exciting moment in our journey and an even more so meaningful one that truly fits the essence to who we are.


Saturday, May 11th

New Logo and Company Name Reveal.

Tribe you're going to love it!


On this day we also will update you on our upcoming Summer community events to get tribe re-engaged with one another for we've missed your beautiful faces... badly!


Looking forward to reconnecting.... in style!


Much Love,

LaShawn, Tiara, Olethia, Carla, Carol

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