Our Founder Made History...NMAAHC!

Our Founder Made History...NMAAHC!

In June 2020, The National Museum of African American History & Culture permanently acquired this viral photo of me protesting during the George Floyd Black Lives Matter protest in Washington, DC. It was a complete shock to have their museum curator, Elaine Nichols, contact me to state they were adding it for permanent usage and display in their museum under their Politics and Fashion department. Goose bumps all over again! Once she discovered I was a slow fashion business owner and designed the dress and face mask worn, she then asked if the museum could permanently acquire these as well. I sat in pure disbelief for I literally was doing what everyone else was doing to bring global attention to an epidemic that needed to end regarding law enforcement and Black lives. Advocacy of my community and the advancement of us is always on my mind. It pours through my work, how I dress and overall how I live my life. I still remember the feeling of this day.

Mixed emotions of mourning, tears, anger, joy and love. The DC community banded together and it was so beautiful to witness our protection of one another. It’s been a long time since I felt that type of bond between cultures and I surely hope that type of group thinking returns for todays issues that still linger. I never thought that taking a moment to rest would lead to such a divine moment… but as I always say, rest is a real form of true rebellion.

Thank you and congratulations as well to expert photographer, Remigio Newton. I’m over the moon ecstatic that out of all the photographers who took photos of me this day… your shot was the one chosen. Yahweh definitely took the Creative Directors seat in shaping this moment which has now led to a permanent historical mark in time. Our childrens, children, children will forever be proud! This is Legacy… 


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-LaShawn Kenley


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