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How To Prioritize Your Wellness!

How To Prioritize Your Wellness! 0

As a community, we can encourage one another and create examples of how we, as Black and Brown women, can uniquely care for ourselves and our needs. As a culture we have different health risks (both mentally and physically) that have to be cared for in different manners than our counterparts. We are at a higher risk for things such as diabetes, stroke, pregnancy complications, anxiety & depression, and suicide attempts. When considering all of life's daily pressures we must ask ourselves... How are we dealing with it all?
Let's Talk Menstrual Health

Let's Talk Menstrual Health 0

Take back your cycle! Control your health and educate yourself on alternative methods that may be a better option for you... read more!

The BLKOasis Tour presented by BlkandGrn!

The BLKOasis Tour presented by BlkandGrn! 0

BlkOasis is an ongoing tour to where they gather black women artisans who create natural/organic and ethical products ranging from fashion, skincare, hair, health and wellness. The event gathered women of all walks of life, mostly within the minimalist or bohemian lifestyle.
For The Love Of The Culture!

For The Love Of The Culture! 0

 Our bodies craved for something healthy which is why we are so excited to have stumbled across The Cultured Kombucha website recently!! READ MORE...
Radiant Magazine!

Radiant Magazine! 0

Have you guys seen the latest health and beauty magazine called Radiant Magazine?