The BLKOasis Tour presented by BlkandGrn!

The BLKOasis Tour presented by BlkandGrn!

What a beautiful event The BlkOasis was this past Sunday, August 19th at Shop Keepers in Washington, DC. Our Founder, LaShawn was in attendance where she connected with so many beautiful women. BlkOasis is an ongoing tour to where they host a collective group of black women artisans who create natural/organic and ethical products ranging from fashion, skincare, hair, health and wellness.  Some of the businesses we adored was skincare (CRU-MM Skin + Beauty), Nail lacquer (Mischo Beauty) as well organic beverages by (Cultured Kombucha). The event gathered women of all walks of life, mostly those who adore the minimalist or bohemian lifestyle.

This made LaShawn have to connect with Founder of BlknGrn Dr. Kristian Henderson regarding future projects and events.  Together they discussed the developments that have occurred for black and brown women entrepreneurs within the U.S. and globally. They still saw a strong need to decrease the wealth gap by educating the masses to why it's important to invest within your own community. No investments leads to no growth which results in no economic power. The mission to enlighten consumers to be more of a conscious buyer is what they both wanted to achieve. Organically they decided to pair in the future in hopes to create something amazing together!

We can't wait to see what they produce! We all wait in suspense!

Learn more about the various black owned products housed under BlknGrn by visiting:

Instagram: @blkandgrn


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