Let's Talk Menstrual Health

Let's Talk Menstrual Health

 Today we are screaming Power To The Vagina!! How is it possible that we go to work, sit through meetings take on full 8 to 10 hour days as our uterus completely twists itself into a heart shaped pretzel as we maintain the straightest poker face known to man. {Pops two Advil’s just thinking about it}. Long gone are the days that we sit through unnecessarily long lunch and learns praying that we didn’t mess up our bottoms for the day.

Today we share a nice little healthy secret for you when it comes to natural ways to manage your flow during that time of the month. Let go of the scented tampons that can literally paralyze you and try out @shethinx! A new solution to free flowing. We know... in the beginning it’s hard to grasp the idea of this. We’re so trained to grab the nearest tampon in sight but these cute menstrual under garments have perfected the combination of managing our flow while not allowing a single soul to know anything that is going on down there. 

Take back your cycle! Control your health and educate yourself on alternative methods that may be a better option for you. Let us know your thoughts on how it works! We’re thinking of gifting a few of these beauties away! Who wants to try?

To learn more visit: www.shethinx.com!

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