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Sip n Henna at The W!

Sip n Henna at The W! 0

The W Hotel 
Washington, DC
Sunday, December 15th 
2PM - 5PM


"'More Than Enough" Women's Gathering 0

Enjoy a great night with fashionable, smart and empowering women seeking to connect using Elaine Welteroth's new book "More Than Enough"!...
Sun Gods Presents: DC Fashion Designers!

Sun Gods Presents: DC Fashion Designers! 0

Washington, DC possesses a bustling group of amazingly talented fashion designers who create a variety of clothing ranging from couture glam, classic chic, urban funk, all the way to your best bohemian finds...
The Natural Hair Movement

The Natural Hair Movement 0

We’ve been battling this topic of hair for quite some time.

Ensuring the visibility and respect for all hair textures remain equal. This word EQUAL... it is constantly being desired in every aspect of life and the love of all hair types proves to be no different. Why is it always being fought for...

Happy New Year Queens!

Happy New Year Queens! 0

It’s the first official day of 2019! We already know you are geared up and ready to take over the world, conquer set dreams and smash all goals to smithereens but while we all have this extra day off, let’s take it to really set ourselves up for success...

The story behind our

The story behind our "Kuti" duster! 0

Our Back to Lagos Collection has really opened our eyes to various influential women in Nigeria. We've mentioned Agbani Darego as well as Miriam Makeba and now it's time to shed light on the incomparable Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti!