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Our Crowns... Legalized!

Our Crowns... Legalized! 0

We finally are beginning to see legal action towards banning this type of discrimination within the work place. Just a few days ago...
The Natural Hair Movement

The Natural Hair Movement 0

We’ve been battling this topic of hair for quite some time.

Ensuring the visibility and respect for all hair textures remain equal. This word EQUAL... it is constantly being desired in every aspect of life and the love of all hair types proves to be no different. Why is it always being fought for...

Because Representation Matters!

Because Representation Matters! 0

Giving you all of this 4C Hair Glory! #swoon
Our Hair... Our Choice!

Our Hair... Our Choice! 0

Hair is extremely important to most of us. The texture, the length, the style... we have a certain relationship to our coif that we affectionately call our crowns. Most of our hair is full of texture wit...