New Village Braid Bar!!

New Village Braid Bar!!

Looking Good Is A Lifestyle!

We want to always feel our best and as black and brown women we have this undeniable connection with our hair. It must speak for us in ways that allows others to know exactly how we feel that given day.
It's officially Summer, so we're craving protective styles to beat the heat for travel and more. Always on a constant venture to find the best and most convenient braider in town we found an amazing Black Woman-Owned Brand called "New Village Braid" based out of Washington, DC area. They are super close to us for they now located in DuPont Circle inside Marjani Beauty Company! Don't we love to see the growth of women supporting women! Go check out New Village Braid and Book your Appointment for the best hair experience.







1365 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 100, Washington D.C.

Inside Marjani Beauty Co.


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