Our Hair... Our Choice!

Our Hair... Our Choice!


Hair is extremely important to most of us. The texture, the length, the style... we have a certain relationship to our coif that we affectionately call our crowns. Full of texture (with some of us having three or more types on one head) our hair can range from wavy, curly, coils to coarse. We want to make sure we continuously celebrate all versions within that spectrum. Some how the admiration of loving all types shifted from uplifting coarse hair textures to mostly adoring those with finer texture. We have to make sure we understand why we need to highlight all types for the love of only liking a more finer/less coarse hair type removes most black and brown people from the conversation of global beauty. Let's continuously keep the dialogue open that ALL hair textures are beautiful and acceptable... not just those of a more defined curl or straighter pattern.




What is the "Natural Hair Movement"?

The natural hair movement began back in the 60s when black women activists openly celebrated coarse hair due to the negative outlook on this particular texture and "fro" hairstyle. This hair texture was seen as less desirable by our counterparts where we began to press or straighten for a more acceptable look in American society. We as a people united and rebelled against western beauty standards and wore our naturally textured hair in fros, braids, short cuts and more to embrace our culture and the diverse beauty which we possess. Fast forward to today and you now see women embracing this movement again to return back to that acceptance of our beauty. As we unite with other races the texture of our hair changes which typically creates a more spiral or fine curl or wave (not in all cases but in most). As this happens the natural hair movement changes to allow inclusion. Yes this is still natural hair and we all want to be a part of what our culture represents but we must maintain the foundation of why the movement started in the first place... to uplift the texture that is not being seen as equally beautiful.



Hair is another form of expression for us. This is why it's an extremely sensitive subject for how does someone question or not like our form of self-love and identity. Whether we wanted to be funky, sassy, sexy, artistic, cool, lazy or free that day... it's our decision to rock our tresses however we saw fit. For Black/African hair to turn into a political issue of scrutiny and judgement from our counterparts (and unfortunately our own misguided people) is unfair and damaging to our self-esteem and productivity as an individual. It's highly controlling and manipulative which stumps creativity and growth.

Decolonize the mind and adore the resilience both you and your hair possess! Celebrate every strand, every texture, every twist and turn that sprouts from your crown for it's yours and it gives character to everything you do for everything that is from nature sprouts up and grows directly to the sun. Plants when cared properly grows towards the sun, trees, grass, flowers... anything of nature that is cared for will grow straight up towards the sky. Why would you think that beautiful hair of yours would do the opposite? Love your hair my queens and adore that you are of nature, you are the original people and everything that is in you grows exactly the way it should.



With Love!

Sun Gods

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