About Sun Gods



Welcome to the Journey of Sun Gods. We're happy to have you with us! 

Sun Gods is a woman owned {Bohemian-Afro-Chic} lifestyle and women's apparel brand founded by our CEO/Head Designer, LaShawn Kenley. We are known for creating unique modern looks using african prints and diverse fabrics sourced throughout the African Diaspora. Our clothing is made to make our shoppers (whom we affectionately call Goddesses or People of the Sun) feel like majestic queens on earth. From dope/cool/chic to the ultimate glam goddess... we create unique apparel for all moments of life.
Watch as we execute amazing statement pieces that allow various black and brown women to reconnect back with our diverse cultures across the globe. We love seeing everyone shop the brand and celebrate the looks created in-house by our Sun Gods team.


Let us commune and connect together as we advance our community through curated virtual and in-person events as well as small gatherings. We look forward to uplifting our culture and taking our brand to the highest of heights while employing our community, creating non profit efforts and advocating for the safety and freedom of the black and brown body. We do this for the love.... We do this for the culture... We do this for the legacy of us.
Welcome to our journey.
It's so beautiful to have you here.
With Love,
~Sun Gods