Sun Gods Presents: DC Fashion Designers!

Sun Gods Presents: DC Fashion Designers!

Washington, DC possesses a bustling group of amazingly talented fashion designers who create a variety of clothing ranging from couture glam, classic chic, urban funk, all the way to your best bohemian finds. While true natives are already familiar with the diverse styles of the every day Washingtonian, we rarely see a good balance of representation of all designers within the area. The city is breaking out year by year with variations of fun prints, colors, tailored looks as well as traditional and politically driven garbs. Seeing this increasingly growing wave of diversity within fashion makes us ask the question, "Who are you wearing and where are these emerging creatives coming from?"

You must witness our amazement and complete delight when learning locals are becoming more interested in wearing unique, custom apparel from local designers that originate right from their own community!

To continue the narrative of local designers supporting one another, Sun Gods collaborated with two amazingly talented designers (Darah and Syreeta) to show the camaraderie and support between black women in fashion! In a recent photo shoot we created a visual of Fashion Designers banding together by styling each other in top selling pieces of our companies brand. View visuals of this amazing shoot shot by Myron Fields on our social media {@sungodsofficial}. We were so pleased to work with such talented beauties that we decided to dive a little deeper into learning more about the beginnings of the Syreeta C. and Meraki Label brand. Read on to view what they have brewing for 2019! 




How did you start your journey of designing clothes?

I always say that it was less about me getting into fashion and more about fashion getting into me. My interest was apparent at an early age— I loved refashioning my clothing, either editing it for myself or turning into dolls clothing. I never grew out of the habit, but have sense learned how to do it correctly. Childhood scissor hacking in my bedroom have blossomed into studio sewing sessions and the Syreeta C | Fashion brand. 


When did you decide to move forward with starting your own company?

Post-graduation, I returned home with the inclination that I didn’t want to go corporate, not even in fashion. As the word spread that I’d received my degree in design, friends and family began requesting custom commissions. I fell in love with being a resource for positive self-expression and style. The rest is history. 


How do you feel the fashion design community is within the DC area?

My personal belief did that my locality has made progress in fashion design, yet still has some ways to go. Art & design, generally speaking, have made great positive strides in recent years and I hope that fashion can catch some of that momentum. We understand labels and brands, but true design recognition will be a valuable commodity in the growth of the local scene.


What’s are next steps for your brand?

We’re building — physically and beyond! We have a new studio space plus have a couple collaborations and amazing projects that we’re excited to release soon. Our future will include more of the same quality work and additional community engagement!





How did you get into fashion design? 

I have always been interested and intrigued by style and clothing. For so long, I let my inability to sew hinder me from stepping out there. After realizing this was really something I wanted to take seriously, I enrolled myself in sewing classes, traveled to attend draping and design classes, and begin to also teach myself to sew at home in tandem. Once I honed in my sewing skills, I was then able to start making the designs that I’d seen floating in my head and bring them to life!  

When did you decide to move forward with starting your own company?

I decided to move forward in 2017 after I started understanding and researching the fashion industry, custom fashion, and sustainable, eco friendly clothing. I realized there was a niche that I wanted to be apart of. I  became very passionate about being an ethical designer and giving consumers the piece of mind to know that they purchased a garment that was not only aesthetically pleasing but was made responsibly, sweatshop free, and with minimal waste. 


How do you feel the fashion design community is within the DC area? 

I think the community is great!  I have met some amazing people that have connected me with other amazing people along the way. Of course, there is always space for improvement, growth, and stronger collaborations but I think this collaboration between Sun Gods, Syreeta C, and The Meraki Label is a testament of things moving in a positive and supportive direction! 


What are the next steps for your brand? 

You can catch us showing at Harlem Fashion Week this February! Also, we are planning to have a few popup shops throughout this year. 


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