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Breathe Easy Queens

Breathe Easy Queens 0

If you have been searching for ways to align your chakras, balance your mind and spirit, we strongly encourage you to check out Black Girls Breathing...
Let's Talk Menstrual Health

Let's Talk Menstrual Health 0

Take back your cycle! Control your health and educate yourself on alternative methods that may be a better option for you... read more!

Skin Regime - For Black and Brown Skin!

Skin Regime - For Black and Brown Skin! 0

We have been looking for the perfect ways to maintain healthy/clear skin. Black African Soap has been our number 1 way of achieving this goal. Clean, Tone, Moisturize...REPEAT!
Natural Ways To De-Stress

Natural Ways To De-Stress 0

It's inevitable... at some point in your life you are bound to run into that moment where you will feel stressed...