Breathe Easy Queens

Breathe Easy Queens

2020 has been eye opening on so many different levels that it's forced everyone to slow all the way down and look at urgent areas in need of attention. Whether that was in our personal lives, community or on a global perspective, the universe demanded our focus and it required it right now.

All the ways our minds and bodies are being stretched has become a bit unbearable at times for some of us. Juggling financial stability and making sure we are protecting ourselves and families from the never ending virus of Covid-19 can cause anyone to fall into a depressive state. We are taking on all ways to balance our energies and controlling our breathing habits has moved its way to the forefront. This is why we're so happy to have found, Black Girls Breathing (a safe space founded by Jasmine Marie for black womxn to actively nurture our mental, emotional and spiritual health via meditational breath work in an environment curated just for us). 

If you have been searching for ways to align your chakras, balance your mind and spirit, we strongly encourage you to check them out for we've heard of amazing stories from women in business, with children and more incorporating the breathing tips learned within the virtual classes! Oh and one extra bonus, BGB offers free virtual sessions currently so it's the perfect time to see what they're all about.

- Sun Gods

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