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Breathe Easy Queens

Breathe Easy Queens 0

If you have been searching for ways to align your chakras, balance your mind and spirit, we strongly encourage you to check out Black Girls Breathing...
Goddess Fit!

Goddess Fit! 0

Making sure you are looking beautiful and feeling beautiful are our top priorities at SG, for what good is it to look great and not feel great inside and out. This Saturday, May 23rd we are bringing back Goddess Fit w/ Shaundel B.!
Coming Up Next!

Coming Up Next! 0

What's up next at Sun Gods? Come check out new wellness segments, fitness IG Lives and an awesome NEW community initiative you definitely will want to be a part of!
How To Prioritize Your Wellness!

How To Prioritize Your Wellness! 0

As a community, we can encourage one another and create examples of how we, as Black and Brown women, can uniquely care for ourselves and our needs. As a culture we have different health risks (both mentally and physically) that have to be cared for in different manners than our counterparts. We are at a higher risk for things such as diabetes, stroke, pregnancy complications, anxiety & depression, and suicide attempts. When considering all of life's daily pressures we must ask ourselves... How are we dealing with it all?