How To Prioritize Your Wellness!

How To Prioritize Your Wellness!

By: Hannah McCall


Wellness is defined as the “state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”. Therefore, wellness needs to be something with a foundation of focused intention. Nothing about that definition indicates that wellness should not be inclusive, and yet, when we think of that space (wellness), Black and Brown women tend to be missing from the conversation. 

Representation in the wellness space stands to change and shift the narrative about what wellness means and more importantly what it looks like. 

As a community, we can encourage one another and create examples of how we, as Black and Brown women, can uniquely care for ourselves and our needs. As a culture we have different health risks (both mentally and physically) that have to be cared for in different manners than our counterparts. We are at a higher risk for things such as diabetes, stroke, pregnancy complications, anxiety & depression, and suicide attempts. When considering all of life's daily pressures we must ask ourselves... How are we dealing with it all?



Below we selected our TOP 5 ways to prioritize your wellness in order to sustain the best balanced version of you:

Tune into yourself. It is a skill to truly listen to what your body is telling you? What thoughts are consistently reoccurring in your mind? Have you checked in with your core as well as your gut health? All of these elements are what keep you balanced and whole. When one area is off, the whole body becomes out of sync and doesn't fully work to its highest level. Take a  moment to truly listen to what it is you are needing right now in this moment for the body always lets you know through your skin complexion, tongue, hair, eyes and most importantly your gut!

Get active. Working out can be such a daunting task but make it FUN! Yoga was literally created by your ancestors. This is our natural way of staying flexible and fit. Get into it. If it's not your thing, running, walking, swimming, dancing, and other physical sports are all ways to get in shape. The point is to GET MOVING! Sometimes having an accountability partner helps to not only keep you motivated but on task with sticking to your goal. 

Find and incorporate a relaxing ritual into your day. When would it benefit you most? Morning, noon or night? Maybe all three! It could be breathing techniques, intentional stretching, or a meditation app. The point is to incorporate relaxing into your day and plug into the powersource that is you. Even if only for 5 minutes. Your mind will thank you!

Sleep. But actually sleep! Pay attention to what the room feels like when you fall asleep, and then set up a nightly routine around that. Getting between 7-9 hours of sleep a night will allow your body to heal and produce the way you want it to for the following day.

Remove what’s toxic. I know this can be a difficult one, but if people in your life aren’t bringing any positive substance to you then you must walk away from them. This includes relationships, friendships, colleagues, managers, and family members. You are worth balance in all areas in life through all beings in your life! REPEAT THIS STATEMENT as often as needed until it sinks all the way in.


When we truly engage in wellness practices, we can break the mold of Black women merely seeking to survive and introduce a true balance to the mental state of our entire being. By redefining the idea of the “strong Black woman” we will begin to live within the steadiness of her soul including her physical & mental being (all do to prioritizing a little thing called self care and wellness).

We can't wait to see you begin implementing our top 5 ways to prioritizing your wellness. Drop us a line if you begin to see improvements within your daily routines!



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