Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food

Every year we are receiving some type of update of how our food is consistently being tampered with in order to fulfill the needs of capitalism and high demand. Our health is a constant topic of discussion for we are weary on whom to trust... for we feel it is hard to trust any leader in the food industry do to all the harmful components and toxins used in creating the things that are suppose to be nutrition to our body.


The food pyramid is inaccurate, the pesticides and chemicals put in and sprayed on our food is causing our bodies to become sick and the update that some of our food is cloned man made products is just mind blowing. The best way for us to regulate our own health to eat optimal food that was naturally intended for us to consume is by harvesting it ourselves or seeking ethical farms where we can purchase such produce from. 


Under the Sun Gods Cares Act, we have started a program which allows us to volunteer at local black-owned farms to keep them operating effectively while simultaneously learning agriculture and how to grow our own fruits, vegetables, herbs and more.

Are seeking to join in? Subscribe to our website to see upcoming dates for May. 


Looking forward to see our community elevate in growing in a more healthy and productive way. 

See you all soon!


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  • LaShawn Kenley