Reparations for Black South Africans in 2018?!

Reparations for Black South Africans in 2018?!

The new President of South Africa (Cyril Ramaphosa) has made a promise to put in motion for white Africans to return land to black Africans. He is not sure how long this process will take but wants the process to begin immediately. It's so odd that South Africa is made up of 79% Black and yet they only own 1.2% of their own land.

This story proves to be very familiar when it comes to black Americans for we as well only own less than 2% of America yet built this country to what it has come to be today. If we are going to practice true equality and really stand for diversity and all it entails, we must look at the word for what it is. That means removing the years of advancement that was provided to our counterparts through slavery, segregation, and illegal policies that stunted black Americans by paying reparations to black and brown people and returning land and resources that are rightfully ours.

How do you feel about President Cyril Ramaphosa returning land back to black Africans? Do you think this is a movement that can happen in America for black Americans?



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