The Art of: Oroma Elewa

The Art of: Oroma Elewa

Oroma Elewa is a visual performance artist who creatively tells stories through photography, performance and art. Driven by a need to tell beautiful, nuanced stories of Africa, Oroma Elewa launched the publication, Pop’Africana (2009-2014) to highlight an inspiring viewpoint of Africa that was never shared publicly before.

Today, Oroma shares personal stories about African cultural and her own experiences as she explores these experiences and their impact on personal growth and self awareness. Oroma currently lives and works in New York City but travels often to various parts of Africa to continue her creative efforts.

Crush Guava Leaves may be one of our personal favorites! The stories are all visually creative and captivating. We encourage you to check her out and view for yourself.

Learn more about Oroma by visiting her website:

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