Top 5 Ways To Recognize Depression

Top 5 Ways To Recognize Depression

Yes, it is true! We are masterminds at juggling hectic schedules. From managing executive board rooms and ensuring project deadlines are met to making it home in time to cook dinner and feed the baby while maintaining enough energy for quality time with those who love us most. With all we have going on, we must know that looking out for self is mandatory for if we're not good... Nobody else will be and things will surely soon fall apart.

As the essential player in our loved ones lives we have to remember to check in with ourselves to mentally see how we are doing and how we feel. What are our minds thinking on a daily basis and how does that pour out of our mouths and turn into actions? These actions soon become our created reality. What does that reality look like and is it the reality we want for ourselves?

It's all a trickle down effect and it starts with the mind!

We hear Mental Health and Self Care a lot these days and that's because the topic is of much importance! Don't shrug it off when you are feeling down and not like yourself. Take notice when these feelings continue on for weeks and months. A day or two of sadness may be necessary to clear out feelings but to consistently not feel ok for longer periods of time requires more looking into. Depression is nothing to play with.... so don't play with it!



Click the link to read the Top 5 signs of depression, postpartum or extreme sadness:


If you are feeling any or all of these signs check out the following links below for guidance on your journey to brighter days!

Helpful Resources:

Therapy for Black Girls

Better Help 


We will check in with you Goddesses often to make sure you are consistent with checking in with yourselves. The pandemic did a number on a lot of us... many who couldn't allow one more thing to be added to their plate. We are praying and sending healing to everyone in need! 

Much Love!

-Sun Gods Team


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