The Culture | Hamsa's and Evil Eyes

The Culture | Hamsa's and Evil Eyes
In bohemian culture we love to see and wear Hamsa's and Evil Eye's for it brings energy of protection, love and abundance into our space. Many may not know exactly the meanings of these symbols so we thought it would be helpful to share what they mean and why we all embrace them so much.
What is a Hamsa?
The hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol that holds a variety of meanings across cultures. Nevertheless, it is regarded in all faiths as a protective talisman that brings good fortune, health and happiness.
The hamsa is primarily used to protect its owner from the 'Ayin Ha'ra,' also known as 'The Evil Eye'.
When wearing a hamsa you are saying you want all good things to be drawn to you and you are protected from all bad. This is why we included the hamsa on our robes to protect our Goddesses as they walk their homes or venture outside.
It's a constant reminder to walk within your highest self and manifest all positivity unto you.
What is "The Evil Eye"?

If you wear the evil eye figure you're supposedly shielding yourself from greater doom. Wearing the evil eye as a protective ward is known to reflect the power of evil glares back to the caster/sender. It can even nullify the curse and all the bad intentions casted on you protecting you from all bad/evil.
That's right! We're forever protected Queens. 
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