The Best Nails In The City!

The Best Nails In The City!

Tribe knows we are forever all about the love of art and the details of in which we adorn our bodies with. This naturally includes how we embellish our beloved nails! Such an extended expression of our personalities and ways to express feelings, thoughts and emotions for that moment in time. When searching for ways to enjoy various designs on our fingers we stumbled across the platform of The Editorial Nail during the heart of the pandemic and never looked back.

We always want to share our favorite gems with tribe and wanted to spread the love that we have for this brand. If you are seeking press on nails that you can change over time to different styles, we encourage you to check out The Editorial Nail! From the leopard prints to golden hues to abstract art and designs... this brand has it all. The owner is an amazingly talented expert in the field who has provided nail art for celebrities, influencers and every day gorgeous women who simply enjoy fly nails.


Enjoy discovering more about the brand our beauties and let us know how much you adore as well! To shop and learn more about her nail art see the links below.


Website: The Editorial Nail

Instagram: The Editorial Nail Instagram



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