Still Fighting For Breonna Taylor

Still Fighting For Breonna Taylor
It’s hard to say how we feel about Breonna Taylor’s verdict. All the calls, e-mails, texts and marches could not have been in vain. Peaceful actions have fallen on deaf ears. It’s as though our legal system wants to incite a civil war with their actions and senseless behavior. We refuse to allow this verdict be the final motion and are looking into other ways to help convict all the police officers involved of this crime in the murder of Breonna Taylor.
How many of you want to continue to push back on the system in fighting to rightfully charge those officers? Oh how we wish we had a black militia to assist us when the American government and legal system fails to do what’s right. Tell us your thoughts below or feel free to release some energy and vent by emailing our community support email address:
#breonnataylor #stillfighting

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