Happy Haitian Flag Day

Happy Haitian Flag Day

Haiti is so rich in culture and history!

Not only for being the first republic to gain independence in the Caribbean/Latin America but also do to their resilience in abolishing slavery in the United States of America as well as other Latin countries such as Venezuela. Thats right... the history of these beautiful zoe's runs deep!

Fun Facts About Haiti:
~ Haiti was the first Caribbean & Latin American country ever and the first country to abolish/ban slavery!

~ Haitian Creole is the national language of Haiti. 

~ Haiti was forced to pay millions of French francs to France in exchange for the country's recognition of its sovereignty back in 1825. 

~ In 1922, the money Haiti was to pay back to France was moved to American Investors known as Citiback today. Yes Citibank was funded on Haitian slavery.

~ Haiti is one of the most beautifulest countries to visit in the world. So much so one of our favorite movies of all time has scenes depicted in Haiti's capital Cap- Haitien... Black Panther 2! Word on the street was that it was actually filmed in Puerto Rico... Hmmmm. We MUST verify!

Enjoy experiencing more of Haiti by learning the culture, language and country itself virtually! One of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow is:

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