Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

We’re officially waiting on tonights beautiful Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with our tribe! Who has their own rosary gathering happening tonight?



Do you know what the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse mean in 2018? Let us share... 


This energy shifting moment is an era that will illuminate various relationships and circumstances that need to come to a close. Revelations, departures, and endings will occur that will change your emotions, view points and ground rules and agreements. A necessary change in closure in self as well life occurrences will happen and soon be your new reality. Your unique being will blaze brightly and unapologetically! This eclipse marks the half point which started last Summer during the Total Solar Eclipse. It also will shine the most light on who should be in your circle. Who really is there for you and deserves your energy... ask yourself:


🍃Who supports you?

🍃Who is cheering for you?

🍃Genuinely wants to be around with a pure heart?

🍃Who is applauding and encouraging your flame?

🍃Who’s not showing up?

🍃Who’s not checking in with you?

🍃Who’s saying they care but show no effort or action to be involved?

🍃Who’s simply not providing you the balanced energy you offer them?


These next few months leading into next year will continue to shine light on these questions providing you answers to who you should share your space and energy with in order to exalt you within your journey. We welcome the change... Accept the change... And are so ready to take on this next transition in life! We hope you all feel the same!🌿

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