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Black Franchise/Owned Gas Station!!

Black Franchise/Owned Gas Station!! 0

We officially have a gas station we can go tO!!
Black Healthcare Professionals and Businesses

Black Healthcare Professionals and Businesses 0

Check out a list of all Black medical businesses and healthcare professionals throughout the US. This list will consistently be updated as new locations are shared.

Fitness Resources and Apparel!

Fitness Resources and Apparel! 0

We are always looking for ways to perfect our health and stay fit! Below are resources for you all to check out as well as...

What is #BBOJune?

What is #BBOJune? 0

BBOJune stands for Buy Black Only June. Back in the middle May our Founder, LaShawn Kenley, decided to take another adventure of buying from only Black owned businesses again...
Let's Talk Money!

Let's Talk Money! 0

We want our dollars circulating within our own community which means we must Buy Black AND Bank Black...
#BBOJune Contact

#BBOJune Contact 0

Want to reach out to our #BBOJune community leaders with feedback, questions, suggestions,tips and more? E - mail: bbojune@sungodsofficial.