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Fitness Resources and Apparel!

Fitness Resources and Apparel! 0

We are always looking for ways to perfect our health and stay fit! Below are resources for you all to check out as well as...

What is #BBOJune?

What is #BBOJune? 0

BBOJune stands for Buy Black Only June. Back in the middle May our Founder, LaShawn Kenley, decided to take another adventure of buying from only Black owned businesses again...
Biz Highlights: Businesses We Like!

Biz Highlights: Businesses We Like! 0

Highlights is where we will list businesses we recommend in the United States. Check them out, research them and if it’s something you need... use their app or buy directly from their website!
Our Founder: #BBOJune Week 1

Our Founder: #BBOJune Week 1 0

Check out my Week 1 itinerary as we all step into our journey of Buying Black Only - #BBOJune!
Top 10 Black Media Outlets

Top 10 Black Media Outlets 0

Within the culture there are many developing and well established media outlets to keep you updated on everything occurring within black culture.