Take Me To Toronto!

Take Me To Toronto!

After years of being inspired by the beautiful Canada, I finally had the time to venture over to this beautiful country. A friend and I toured the town of Toronto to check out all of their beautiful galleries, art museums as well as boutique and vintage shops. I was so inspired by The Bata Show Museum, Textile Museum as well as the Art Gallery of Ontario! My favorite had to have been the Textile Museum. All of the beautiful fabrics, colors and culture kept me motivated for our upcoming Sun Gods photoshoot which would occur shortly after this trip!




While in Toronto, I stayed in the most chic loft off Dovercourt road where I was conveniently located next to various floral shops, town salons, apparel stores and cute ice cream shops and restaurants. One of my favorite late night spots to go to was Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese. Hands down the best variations of macaroni and cheese dishes I've ever tasted thus far.  During the day, I often ventured over to Yorkville which is the cutest town with all the high-end shops and boutique stores. My favorite restuarant quickly became Trattoria Nervosa! Literally the best Italian restaurant I've ever been to. It was so good I went there every day after discovering them to order the same delicious dish, Risotto Nersova.



The party scene that weekend was full of energy and more than usual since it was PRIDE weekend. I really loved how the town celebrated and respected this community {whether they believed in the lifestyle or not}. The overwhelming acts of support from various companies who publicly hung and posted rainbow flags and window frame stickers were true signs of the strong sense of community in this town. As the night grew we partied at the Royal Ontario Museum and had the time of our lives while viewing beautiful artifacts, sculptures, and paintings. We also had an amazing time at STK in Yorkville the following night which had various moments of surprise and lots of beautiful people to admire while sipping on our favorite cocktail, Cucumber Stiletto's!



Vintage boutiques and festivals filled the town down Dundas Avenue that Sunday where we checked out each and everyone of them. I bought an amazing green dress from Vintage Depot which fit me to a T! Literally this dress was made for my body. 10 minutes later after passing through various Jamaican spots filled with Caribbean music I found the dopest purple mirrored gold rimmed sunglasses that would fit perfectly with my rose gold satin Sun Gods dress! We soon stumbled across an amazingly gorgeous boutique called Le Boutique Noire when heading back over to Yorkville where we came across well known brands and an even better staff to show us around. Ivan gave my friend and I the best VIP treatment, taking us back to an exclusive room to try on clothing separate from the public sections of the store. She really made us fell like royalty and had the best rockstar personality! This place is a must see! Clearly I was winning all across the board on this day and I never wanted this trip to end but I had to return back to DC soon for coming up would be our Sun Gods {Bohemian Afro-Chic} women's apparel photoshoot!

Thank you Toronto for showing my friend and I the most perfect time. You really can easily become my 3rd home away from home. Scroll below to view more photos of my trip!

















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