Belize... You're Such A Show Off

Belize... You're Such A Show Off
Typically when I travel I always like to mingle with the locals so the first thing on my itinerary is usually to hit the town. I ventured throughout the various shops which is mostly full of small boutiques for like any Caribbean countries the clothing sold is typically t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and all other light casual wear. You don't usually come to shop for clothes in Caribbean locations it's more so about buying unique pieces such as artifacts, paintings, home goods, or something a long these lines.


The fun part about getting to these places was their main means of transportation... Golf Carts!  Yes, this is how they get from one place to the next in Ambergris Caye. How fun! We now have an excuse to drive over the speed of 25 mph in a golf cart... so perfect.


As we ventured throughout the town we came across a place called San Pedro Town - Artisan Market. I was happy to be able to have some great conversations with a few local artisans and a boutique owner near by regarding business in Belize. They all had a common theme in their feedback which was that it is difficult to import goods due to all the taxes that are imposed on each item and that small businesses were being outnumbered by larger corporations who were coming to benefit off of the tourism market. This causes larger companies to impose a monopoly over the hospitality industry there and removes resources from smaller local companies. This is why shopping local is very important, for you want to maintain the true essence of these areas before it becomes commercialized.


I made sure to to do my part in purchasing as many items I could fit in my suitcase. Check out a few of the pieces below. Some are for sale which you can purchase under Global Goods!





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