What Is Beauty To You?

What Is Beauty To You?

What does it mean to be beautiful and how do you measure it? Is there only one type of beauty and everything else becomes inferior or is it several types of beauty to adore in ones lifetime?

Beauty is something even the most minimalist at heart will still seek to achieve in some shape or form... so what does that goal look like? We all know America force feeds a westernized look when it comes to ideal beauty but we couldn't disagree more. There are various types of beauty out there in a multitude of shades ranging from the fairest of fair to the darkest hue. We adore and love them all equally!



If you asked us, beauty breaks down to having desirable proportions. This is the mathematical solution of ones face which are the width of your eyes compared to the shape of your nose, lips and overall facial structure. Any added on treats such as freckles, eyebrows and lashes are just bonus points to add even more character. We love to see things that pop on peoples faces which tend to be the eyes and/or lips. In the world of fashion and beauty the most "odd proportions" would be seen as the most beautiful. So an elongated forehead or extremely dark or extremely fair skin tone would be considered to be the most attractive for them! Extreme is the key word here for the industry loves this type of unique beauty. More and more we are seeing diverse looks being celebrated in magazines and on television and this is what we want to continue to encourage in order to balance the scale of what beauty is in America as well as globally.




So how do you categorize beauty?

When we talk about desirable skin tones it's usually a caramel brown complexion or lighter hue that most appear to like the best (think Rihanna or lighter). Why is that? Why does your first instinct not be of someone with darker skin?



You have to think long and hard about why you say certain things are beautiful and then understand where that voice is coming from. Is the narrative being directed by you to say you don't like a certain shade or is it from what you have been shown from social media, mass media, family, friends and outsiders? Why do you love or not love your skin tone? What outside factors directed the way you think of yourself? Did social norms manifest within your life regarding long term decisions such as the skin tone of your potential mate, how you style your hair for work or leisure, as well as the social circles you engage in? Did you make these decisions because you felt like it would be easier to fit in versus something you genuinely liked?



The world has skewed our vision on how we define beauty and we have to reshape the way we approach this subject. We must use true discernment when considering where these thoughts are coming from regarding what's attractive and what is not. The next time you see someone pretty or unique ask yourself why does this person look good or bad to you? This will allow you to start hearing your own voice and being more aware of your thoughts.

On our Sun Gods social media accounts  {@sungodsofficial} we consistently show diverse images of beautiful black and brown women to show the diversity of beauty within our community. We are all amazingly gorgeous beings who deserve the opportunity to be highlighted and celebrated along with our peers!


Let us know your thoughts on what beauty means to you by commenting below. We want to hear how you view beauty and what outside factors influence the way you perceive people to be beautiful.

One Love!

Sun Gods

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