The Journey To Self-Love

The Journey To Self-Love

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Self-Love?

How often do you take the time to think solely of yourself?

Both Self-Care and Self-Love can be an ongoing struggle for many women.  We are such natural givers that usually our own needs gets push to the bottom of the priority list while everything else finds its way to the top.

It's important for us to have consistent reminders of how we must take time to care for ourselves. We must recognize the beauty that we hold and channel this positive thought. Every day you should have mini moments where you celebrate you. This can be something that highlights how smart, creative, beautiful, mysterious, strong, vulnerable, friendly, informative, and uniquely crafted you are. A simple, "Wow my eyes are so pretty", "My hair looks great like this" or " I solved that problem pretty quickly all on my own" are all small ways to give yourself a pat on the back.

Tune out the negative and focus solely on what makes you amazing! If you struggle to find the good in yourself. Recognize that feeling. Pay close attention to it and question it. Ask yourself why can't you think positive thoughts when it comes to you and what is it that makes you reject positive imagery? Write these thoughts down. Then one by one draw a line through those negative things and say out loud, " I AM GOOD ENOUGH" and "I AM BETTER THAN THIS". Then throw the paper away. Exercises like this allows you to visualize the issue, conceptualize it, and find a healthy way to remove it out of your life. 

Let us know how small exercises like these work for you and Good Luck on your journey to Self-Love!

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