Sun Gods Turns 3!!

Sun Gods Turns 3!! 0

October 21, 2020 - Our beautiful solar return!

We hope you have enjoyed engaging with us over Instagram this week and also hope you've loved our surprises and discounts offered this week.

Goddess Talk w/ Michelle Akers

Goddess Talk w/ Michelle Akers 0

We are back with the second episode of our “Goddess Talk” series and this time we‘re highlighting The Life of Entrepreneurship with fashion boutique owner, Michelle Akers (@liveinfashion)!
Our Dusters Have Arrived!

Our Dusters Have Arrived! 0

Say hello to our newest dusters to hit the site we loving titled, " Return to Accra". We currently have a few exclusive items available...
Sun Gods Presents: Goddess Talk

Sun Gods Presents: Goddess Talk 0

We are so excited to begin a new journey with our newest women's engagement series “Goddess Talk”!

Here our Founder, LaShawn Kenley, will interview/highlight various Goddesses within our community on...

Breathe Easy Queens

Breathe Easy Queens 0

If you have been searching for ways to align your chakras, balance your mind and spirit, we strongly encourage you to check out Black Girls Breathing...
Our Crowns... Legalized!

Our Crowns... Legalized! 0

We finally are beginning to see legal action towards banning this type of discrimination within the work place. Just a few days ago...