Who Made Your Clothes?! - Conscious Consumers

Who Made Your Clothes?! - Conscious Consumers

We want you to always care about who is creating your clothing... how it's made, the conditions they are made in, and is that specific brand helping to circulate dollars and wealth within your own community. Being a conscious consumer is key to your ethical footprint! Let's strive to shop in this manner every day. You don't see diversity in the images or production of that brand? Hmmm... problematic!

We need to see all of our beauty in our clothing.... consistently. This is why Sun Gods is so happy that we created our collections with this very thought process. Having our samples and production beginning with seamstress in Accra, Ghana 🇬🇭 and then coming back to the U.S. to work with all black and brown women to complete the final production of the line. This was created by us. All of US! Supporting other diverse businesses as they helped to shape ours. The unity in that is so major and extremely beautiful.

We all helped to create Sun Gods!! Let that lift your spirits on this gorgeous Friday! As you shop this weekend just consider and always ask the question... Who Made Your Clothes?!

Much Love!


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