What Is Your Economic Wealth?

What Is Your Economic Wealth?

We woke up this morning ready. Ready to continue with striving towards greatness. Not only for our own personal goals but more so for the betterment of our people. We love the movement that is happening now. So many incredible businesses being started in order to increase wealth within our communities. This is how you make an imprint and gain economic wealth for without that, you will forever be a losing player in this game of Life. If you’re going to strive to win you have to know the rules. You know... the real rules. So here is how it goes: Economics + Politics + Courts/Police + Media + Voting. All in this specific order. We all have been starting at the wrong points. We are all concerned with voting (which is a vital piece) but you have to start at economics first. 🍃

What is your Economic Wealth?

Black people own less than 1% of America... still. We have been here as a people for over 500 years, our ancestors built this country from the ground up. Yet still only own less than 1%? How is that? It’s not adding up. We should all have had a piece of this land due to building it. Our generation of people should have pharmacies, hospitals, banks and more. So why don’t we? Insert the game of Economics. When you don’t have wealth... not just income but land and businesses. You don’t have economic power. No economic power means no real money which means no ownership to buy (politicians + courts and police + media + votes). 🍃 Our last election should have been a clear sign to us that votes really don’t count if you can’t buy people. Politicians are mostly bought to sway them during presidential elections or any election for that matter. No wealth no buying power.

Let's think smarter and play the game in our favor! You’ve heard it all before but maybe now it makes more sense when we hear "SHOP In your community" or "SHOP BLACK"!! It's not really a request. It's an urgency for you and your future. This is why we should celebrate good businesses with our people. This is how we build wealth! Our dollar should circulate 12-18 times before it leaves our community. It currently is circulating 0 times. This is lethal to us.  If done correctly, we literally can gain power in less than 3-5 years. It can happen that quickly. So listen up ladies and share this message with your family and friends! We now have the foundation of what we need to do so let’s make it work!

You didn’t know this was going to be history lesson Wednesday did you? Now these are real #GOALS! 😍✨🍃

With Love,

Sun Gods

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