What is #BBOJune?

What is #BBOJune?
Looking for BBOJune posts or want to know what BBOJune is?


BBOJune stands for Buy Black Only June. Back in the middle May our Founder, LaShawn Kenley, decided to take another adventure of buying from only Black owned businesses again. She tried this lifestyle a few years ago but quickly discovered she wasn't able to sustain life for there were very few resources. She couldn't find daily needs for various products and services to complete necessary tasks that her life demanded. Now that there has been a drastic increase in entrepreneurship within the black community over the past few years she's decided to try this lifestyle of solely buying Black owned again... targeting June 1st! 

It's extremely ironic and very unfortunate that the murder of George Floyd on national television, ignited a mind frame for everyone to reinvest and support black people in all facets of life (more specifically Black owned businesses). It couldn't have been more divine timing than to start everything on June 1st. We now have a community of nearly 700 participants interested and actively participating in thinking and buying from black owned business before going to any business to purchase goods or services (or anything for that matter) outside of the Black community. Such a horrible event has sparked new and much needed conversations between various racial groups and the Black community and has connect us all on a deeper and more human level which we all were yearning to have... even if we didn't know it. 


Join the BBOJune movement at anytime. It's more a lifestyle/mind frame than just a 1 month call to action. See all BBOJune posts here. Follow us on Instagram and tag us when you buy from various vendors: @sungodsofficial #BBOJune. We love to see how everyone is supporting everyone as a community while we share all Black own businesses resources, apps and websites with you all on this journey!


-Sun Gods

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