What is a Customized Boutique?

What is a Customized Boutique?

What is a Customized Boutique?

Sun Gods is a {custom design boutique} that creates unique pieces for custom orders. On occasion we will make multiple sizes of similar designs but the mission is for our customers to have their own individualized pieces.


At our PopUp this Saturday you will view and select from our two collections {Sun Gods} and {Sun People}. We then will take your measurements so that your piece is custom fit to your specific body type and then place the order for all items to be shipped {if not readily available in store}.

Easy and Seamless... Just how we like it!

We cant wait to celebrate with you in just a few more days.
Steadfast Supply DC
300 Tingey Street SE #140
Washington, DC, 20003
Saturday, October 21st
3:30PM - 6:00PM

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