What Inspires LK!

What Inspires LK!


As a creator, I am inspired by everything. From interior design, architecture, various shapes and structure, music, dance, travel, seeing diverse cultures... the list goes on and on. There's so many story lines that can be produced from all of these things and I willing explore them all.

On social, I hand pick weekly themes for you all to get more insight on what inspires me. So far we've covered textures and prints, neutrals, florals, stripes, and this weeks theme, Color Pop! I've been having such a great time sharing my inspiration.

Throughout the weeks to come I will incorporate more of my life, the design process as well as more of who I am so you all can connect with me and my overall vision for Sun Gods.

Check out more colors, styles, and shapes that inspire me below. Stay tuned to social for more daily updates, @sungodsofficial!

Much Love!




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