Our Top 5 Favorite Places To Travel In December!

Our Top 5 Favorite Places To Travel In December!

December is always a time where we all plan to head out of town to explore any place other than where we have laid our head for the past 11 months. Wanting a change of scenery is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Especially if you work a demanding 9 to 5 position during the day.

Enjoy a little mental escape for below we have listed our Top 5 destinations to travel to during the cold wintry month of December. Enjoy!



Keeping it Irie has never been a problem for us. We mine as well buy a timeshare or small home here for we have been to this country more times than we can count. Stunning turquoise blue water, amazingly sweet and generous people, an abundance of clean and spacious accommodations and the FOOD! The food is second to none. Freshly caught everything which we love! Our favorite location has to have been a boutique hotel in Negril called The Spa Retreat. A beautiful little nook with the most perfect pool and spacious suites in the area. The drinks were always made to make you keep coming back for more and the staff were always friendly. They have a resort dog that is a part of the staff and extremely kind. Even those who are not animal lovers don't mind the sight of his company. Temperatures are usually in the low 80's to sometimes 90 degrees. Want to escape the cold for a while? This is the place to go to.

Oh and ask someone where the Preston's restaurant is. Their freshly caught lobster is AMAZING!!!! A great experience eating there.




If you want warm weather year around this is the place to be. Located right in between Nicaragua and Guatemala, Panama gives you both nightlife and day time activites to enjoy. Temperatures usually ranging from low to mid 80's during the day and high 60's at night allows for you to pack light with not needing any heavy coats. Gorgeous beaches and tourist attractions where you can go ride ATV's, see beautiful falls and jungles as well as learn about the unique country and all it's glory. Most people don't think of Panama when looking for a place to travel to but we are telling you from experience... It's a must see! We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the suites were perfect. In the heart of Panama City, near everything!

If you have a moment check out a San Blas tour. There's a cool sports resort for you dare devil types we found at the tip of the island called Nitrocity. It's further out but was well worth the taxi ride. Venture out and have fun!



Please believe this is one of our favorite new places to venture to. The hype is well deserved. There's a ton of places to venture to such as Belize City where you can catch a tour to see the Ruins or you can take a short flight  or boat ride to one of the small islands. We highly recommend a small plane to save time and enjoy the scenery. It takes about 30 minutes (versus an 1 hour and 30 minutes if you go the boat option). Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye is the places we ventured to and we absolutely fell in love with Ambergris Caye. A tiny island where you can drive from one side to the other in less than an hour but it the island still packs a heavy punch. The people are extremely comforting and sweet. They want you to feel right at home from the time you arrive until you depart. The food is very good and the drinks are made with love. While in Belize we stayed at The Xanadu Island Resort in a huge 2 bedroom suite which was gorgeous! You could walk right out your door and on to the beach which we loved! If you love nature, you will appreciate this hotel for the resort is mostly built to always feel like your outside.To get around town you would either walk, bike or use a golf cart which was their main source of transportation. Not many cars at all. Their gas stations were filled with oil that you would drive your golf cart to and fill up. Such a unique sight to see.

Temperatures on the islands during this time is typically high 80's sometimes 90's. At night mid to high 60's. If you want to have a great time and relax during the holidays check out Belize! Great for family vacations as well.


Costa Rica

This is a place for all our artsy naturalist's who want to get in tune with their nature side. Heredia, Costa Rica! Not too far from the airport (about less than 30 minutes) you will find a gorgeous hotel named Finca Rosa Blanca which we highly recommend after our stay there this year. The hotel used to be the home in which the owner lived in. They decided to turn it into a resort where it expanded into a sustainable hotel and coffee plantation surrounded by lush greenery, birds with the scenery of the city of Costa Rica in view. We loved learning how the hotel thrived! A lot of things were reusable textiles, woods, plastics and more. They even had a sustainability tour to show you exactly how the hotel operated and how they produced their food and water right there on the land. It was fun learning how there were certain plants and flowers you could eat right there at the hotel. There was one plant that you could use to wash your hair with. Perfection!

Even though Finca Rosa Blanca were all about sustainability, they didn't lose their luxury feel for they still had massive suites, an amazingly gorgeous pool that gave you views to die for, a steaming hot tub for the cool nights as well as a restaurant, lounge  and bar on site. The staff was lovely and always willing to help and accommodate your every need. If you wanted to be adventurous for zip lining, hiking or more they had a tour guide to assist your every desire. What more could you ask for? Enjoy this country and check out the hotel! We are definitely going to return!



We had to give you at least one local destination that would allow you to save some dollars and time on the plane but still get that Caribbean feel.  If you can expand your wallet some, we would say book a vacation to The Keys! But if you want to keep it budget friendly then a trip to Miami always will do! This city will give you an upbeat vibe with tons of culture from ranging from Wynwood Art District, Little Havana to the Ocean Drive. Whatever you want out of Miami... it will give that to you from an extravagant party scene to relaxing time in your oversized suite near the beach. We like a little mixture of the two, so we recommend staying at Dream South Beach hotel. Right in the mix of all the shops, restaurants, beaches and nightlife. Get sucked into the craze or keep it chic. Either way you are bound to have an amazing time and if you go in early December you can catch The Art Basel show.

Temperatures in December typically range from low 70's to high 70's (sometimes in the low 80's).


We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Destinations to visit during December. Pack light and safe travels to all those who are venturing out of town in the next few weeks!


-Sun Gods

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