Sun Gods Presents: Sip & Henna {A Goddess Event}

Sun Gods Presents: Sip & Henna {A Goddess Event}

We absolutely adored last week as we launched our first Sip & Henna in Washington, DC! What an amazingly great time with so many beautiful ladies. Some of our attendees were small business owners and some were Sun Gods clients and customers. During Sip & Henna events guest will enjoy wine (which are our staples: Vermouth and Rose' Moscato) as they indulge in customized henna and listen to the latest and greatest tunes. One of the highlights of our night is introducing in our community engagement discussion - Open Jar!

What is Open Jar you ask?

This is when we have our sister circle and pull from a jar of topics to discuss. Sometimes we organically talk about what's on our hearts which may not be in the jar which is totally fine with us. This night we shared on community involvement in the fashion industry and as women entrepreneurs as well as wealth, life goals, and advancement. Anyone who wanted to comment was free to jump in to give their thoughts while we continued sipping the night away. Guests also shopped through various Sun Gods accessories and jewelry which hot items were our long drop necklaces, Goddess chokers and international bracelets!

Overall it was an amazing night! Thank you Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center for hosting us and Khadija from Henna Sooq for creating beautiful henna art on all of us.

Want to attend our next Sip & Henna?

Join us at Bureau Studio in Washington DC - Wednesday, March 14th from 7PM - 930PM.

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With Love,

Sun Gods

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