Sun Gods Presents: Open Jar! - Our Monthly Community Gathering

Sun Gods Presents: Open Jar! - Our Monthly Community Gathering

As black and brown women we often are weighed down by life and all of its silent judgement. Get rid of that accent, don't be too smart, too funny, too sexy, too nice, too mean, too short, too tall, too... well everything. There's so many topics from work, societal norms, politics, marriage, relationships, friendships and more that we just want to talk about and get off our chest. We quite frankly just want to breathe!

Usually we don't know that we are overwhelmed until its too late. We don't know when to see the signs of being overworked or over-stressed. We've trained ourselves to always be "Fine".  This is not healthy for us.  We need an outlet to just let go, refresh, and start a new.


Open Jar is a monthly community gathering for all Sun Gods! As women of diverse backgrounds we encounter unique issues that are usually overlooked and the days of sweeping important subjects under the rug are long gone. Let's release negative energy and purge all things nonproductive out of our lives. This community gathering doesn't always have to be a discussion surrounding deep subjects either. We can also discuss topics such as dating, hair, beauty norms, menstrual cycles and more. Menstrual cycles... I know it sounds crazy but actually... why is this crazy. It's only 3.7 billion of us women on this earth. Should this topic really feel taboo to discuss in 2017. We just want to know what are the most organic options of feminine products out there. I mean Diva Cups or Nah?

Open Jar is here to be a safe and open format for you to have fun, chat, network and simply release. Mingle with LaShawn our Founder and share all stories!

If you're interested in learning more about Open Jar! events, subscribe to the site to learn how you can sign-up for our first Open Jar! located in Washington DC! You can subscribe by going to the bottom of the home page and inserting in your email address.

We look forward to connecting with you all!


Much Love,

Sun Gods



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