Sun Gods Is Going LIVE! - Coming Soon Our New Podcast "Living For The Sun"

Sun Gods Is Going LIVE! - Coming Soon Our New Podcast

We are excited to announce we are starting our own podcast "Living For The Sun" to bring the lifestyle side of our company to life! 

If you know LaShawn Kenley, the Founder of Sun Gods, then you know not only is she all about fashion and making women look like the complete Goddesses that we are but she’s even more so about uplifting the internal spirit and minds of all women. This is why Sun Gods is a dual company to where it’s both a lifestyle brand and women’s apparel line. 🍃 With hosting Open Jar! during our {Sip & Henna} events and having various small gatherings with women throughout the DC, MD, NY, FL and LA area, we’ve come to notice that there’s a huge desire for professional bohemians who enjoy both the free-spirited lifestyle with a touch of luxury to express ourselves and connect. 🍃

These women are smart, beautiful, educated and have so much to say on a variety of topics. They also offer so many resources to help build one another professionally and personally. We love that! Whether it’s about women’s reproductive health, diet, careers, entrepreneurship, traveling or the next Netflix must see... this growing community is beautiful {inside and out}. There’s been a lot of requests for more events and we noticed that was more so because it gave you all a space to just release and be you! Well our new upcoming podcast will give you more of that weekly interaction that you seek! Stay tuned!! 🍃 •

We are starting the podcast in just a few months but will begin live streaming out group discussions on Instagram and Facebook starting next Wednesday, June 27th at our {Sip & Henna} event! The name of the Podcast? We’re leaning towards “Living for the Sun”! Just makes us feel all golden inside.✨ Do you guys have your tickets?! We’re so excited about this one. See you all soon! 

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