Sophia Roe is so #sungodsbae

Sophia Roe is so #sungodsbae

We couldn't help but to highlight the divine feminine that is Sophia Roe. From her creative spirit, unconventional lifestyle, unique tattoos and kind hearted nature to care for all things living she just exudes the definition of Sun Gods tribe!

Her superpower is to show pure honesty while cooking amazingly healthy dishes. Her ability to be so vulnerable with her audience is really a beautiful thing to witness. Sophia... a regarded chef, writer, and Emmy-Award nominated TV host known for her distinct lens on honesty, diversity and inclusivity. Her accolades continue to grow and we love to see her path go in so many directions.



Want to learn more ways to eat clean but still enjoy tasty flavors?

Visit her Instagram: @sophia_roe or website to dive deeper on this phenomenal Goddess!


- Sun Gods

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  • LaShawn Kenley