Sacred Messages - Divine Timing

Sacred Messages - Divine Timing
Allow the creator to move you along the divine path set for your life. You can plan and strategize the best way you see fit but much prayer and meditation should go into the direction of your future.
The journey is yours to explore to learn more about you and those around you. You getting familiar with the make of who you are and whom God intended you to be. Allow space for such a beautiful path and channel all that is good to surround you.
No worries... no stress for what will be ultimately will be.
{Visual: @sageandgoldroots}

Top 7 signs that divine timing is happening in your life:

  • Deja Vu moments. You've been here already. 
  • Synchronicities. Have you ever thought about a person, and just hours later, they call you?
  • Spotting angel numbers.
  • Spotting symbols.
  • Intuitive guidance or gut instinct.
  • Clairvoyant dreams.
  • A deep sense of being guided.

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