Pun Di Replay - She's A Billionaire

Pun Di Replay - She's A Billionaire

We are so proud to see fellow Caribbean lover Rihanna become a Billionaire. Her community supported her and got her to this point of success and it's so beautiful to see. From singing, songwriting, producing, fashion designing, owning and investing...her portfolio runs long.

This is a great example of why it's important to expand your assets and make your money work for you (of course this is a best case scenario example for there's a huge machine behind her that got her to this point)! Even if billionaire status is not a desired end goal... financial literacy and generational stability/wealth should be. If not for yourself... for your future!


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Congratulations Rihanna. The representation of younger billionaires from humble beginnings is always a much needed story to see,

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