Pre-Orders Coming in September!!

Pre-Orders Coming in September!!

We are so excited you guys joined this journey with us. There are so many goodies to share with you. Along with community engagement events in DC as well as women empowerment brunches and dinners, we are launching our Sun Gods women's apparel line in October BUT we are starting pre-orders in September. This means you will see the line and be able to purchase in just a few weeks. Our Subscribers will get first views and access to the line!


Sun Gods houses two collections: {Sun Gods} and {Sun People}. Sun Gods is our higher-end luxury line full of silk and lace fabrics (some with various embellishments).

Sun People is more of our every day wear that can be worn to work, happy hour and anything in between.

We also will continue our {Classic Goods} line as well. This will house our branded items includes our logo t-shirts, hoodies, canvas bags and more! We are starting out with our logo t-shirts.

Make sure to subscribe to our website and follow our social media for we will post the pre-order date for September soon! We know you guys are going to love this and we are super excited to share.

One Love!


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