A Nation Built Off of Phenotypes

A Nation Built Off of Phenotypes


What are Phenotypes and how did they play the biggest role in mass separation amongst humans today?

Phenotypes - visible traits that we can use to identify someone, such as hair, eye color, hair texture, skin color, body shape and more.

These unique characteristics were used to develop a system to oppress one group over another. This term of identification would soon be coined "Race"... and so the cycle begins. All the darker brown/black people would be Africans, later growing into labels of "African American" or "Black" people. The fair would be "White" or to be politically correct "Caucasian"and everyone in between would divide into Indian, Asian, Latin, Pacific Islander, Pakistani, and more. Funny how these are not races for race is not real. These are ethnicity's or nationalities used for political gain. But we label them as races in order to separate and try to identify their background and status within the world. Established in the 17th century and showing no signs of slowing down we now live off of a system that has fostered heavy meaning behind the words inferior, slavery,  ownership, advancement and resentment.

HISTORY LESSON - The Blacker The Berry

Dark skin is secretly adored yet publicly hated. Everyone is so intrigued by the various tones of our skin, wanting to tan as much as possible to get the golden bronze that develops within our melanin yet for some reason are threatened by its very hue. Is it jealously? Can it really be something as simple as this meaningless feeling? Or is it because it's something we naturally possess that our counter parts have to work harder to obtain? Our full lips, our textured hair, our curvy or athletic bodies our plump behinds... there's so much to love about our diverse group of black and brown people and the phenotypes we possess. We are the original indigenous people. A little piece of us is in everyone. Is this understood by the masses? If we all extend from the first two people who were born in on earth and that birth place is Africa. That means we all extend from Africa. Only the darkest melanin can create every shade on the color spectrum. No other skin tone can do that. So the originators of mankind had to have been of dark skin to produce so made shades and colors of humans. This means we all share the an extremely similar blood line. This way of thinking is far too troubling for a lot of people to comprehend because for some sick and twisted reason, some (and maybe most) people want to be separated. They want division. They want to feel better than even when it's unwarranted. As much as this may scare some just know and research for yourself that we are one. This is no superior race only facts of how human kind began and that is what we all should go by.

We are all Africans FIRST. Ethnicity - Black, White, Latin SECOND. Then Jamaican, Haitian, Dominican, Cuban, Pakistani, etc... LAST. This is our truth as a people. The closer we get back to the foundation of this, the closer we will see how we are unique species that have more commonalities than we thought. Different does NOT mean wrong. It just means different.

We will continue this subject through our journey for it is deep and will be a topic of discussion for years to come.

One Love! And don't forget to do you research... Google and YouTube is our friend!


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