New Clothing Drive To Help You Recycle Your Clothes!

New Clothing Drive To Help You Recycle Your Clothes!

Join us and Project B Green as we kick off our first Goddess Clothing Drive initiative to help you on your sustainable journey!

As you're looking to create the best statement wardrobe, you must first make room for what you want in your closet. This means clearing out unused clothing  and recycling them! Donating unused garments is the best way to recycle clothing you no longer want to keep within your closet. For one it helps to keep things tidy in there as you collect more meaningful pieces but also is a beautiful way to giveback to those who are in need of clothing within your local community.

Join us this year as we partner with Project B Green to help you easily recycle gently used clothing! This effort will help to support various communities with apparel needs as well as other services through healthcare center - Marys Center. Below we break down how this all works as well as how you can receive dollars off our apparel by participating in our monthly clothing drive! 


How it works?

The last Saturday of every month Project B Green will come to our Atelier space by 4PM to pick up all *donated clothing.

* All donated clothing will need to be in a tightly sealed bag to transfer to their location to weigh the amount of clothing received. Clothing is weighed in order to produce a check given to Marys Center to assist them in their efforts to support underprivileged communities. 

* If you are not located close to our Atelier space in DuPont Circle, Washington DC you can visit the link below to view their various drop-off locations within the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.

Drop Off Locations:


Who is Marys Center?

Marys Center is a local community health center that has serviced over 65,000 people in underprivileged communities in the DMV area for the past 30 years. Learn more about their social change efforts and services -


Benefits of Participating!

When dropping off donations to our Atelier space we will give you $20 OFF your next order simply for participating in our clothing drive! This discount can be used the same day or for future orders (where we will email you your own unique promo code). 

We are excited to provide more convenient ways to help you maintain a sustainable lifestyle!

We look forward to seeing you all at end of the month!


- Sun Gods 


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