Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

{Our Founder & CEO}

LaShawn Kenley is a creative spirit and advocate of women empowerment, self love, diversity and fashion. These four elements capture the very essence of her life for she is someone who was innovative enough to put all of these areas together. Throughout college she excelled in a budding commercial modeling career where she experienced success working for Sephora, Smashbox, AT&T (ad campaigns), VH1 (fashion shows), The Today's Show (fashion segments), and a variety of beauty campaigns.  She soon discovered the ins and outs of design and fell in love with the many variations of textiles, designing and production. She paired this hands on experience with her business management degree from the University of Maryland and begin planning her way to building a unique lifestyle/fashion brand.

As her appreciation for the world of fashion deepened, she grew to become more of a conscious consumer. Caring more for where clothes were made and how they were created, she saw a void in diversity and ethical production. She wanted her clothes to speak to her culture without compromising quality. She also wanted to combine her loves of the bohemian flowy aesthetic with african prints and minimalism. After recognizing a lack of representation of black and brown women  in the Bohochic lifestyle she decided to create her own women's apparel line to highlight these type of women. After years of traveling around the world visiting Belize, Peru, Panama, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Europe and Canada she naturally was influenced by various locals diverse style. She ultimately began fusing flowy/comfortable fabrics with the hip style of black/african culture while adding on her own flair to create her infamous coined term... Bohemian~Afro~Chic.

The design process immediately felt like home to her for she would source fabrics within souks throughout the African diaspora to bring back to the States to design and create exclusive/unique looks for the Sun Goddess women. This is when she knew what she created was something way beyond fashion. This was a love affair… this was passion... and ultimately the birth of our new lifestyle brand appropriately named... Sun Gods.


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